Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fourth of July Blog Hop!!

Before we begin...

I want to take a moment and thank all of the Veteran's out there and to those who are currently serving in our military! 

Here is a picture of my dad when he was serving in Vietnam and another picture of him on a day hike.  I am proud to say he is my dad and a Veteran.  Thank you to all of the Veteran's out there.  I appreciate all you have done!


I have always had a hard time organizing my classroom.  Over the last few years, I've become a lot more organized purchasing tubs and storing everything in my tubs.  It was hard at first to let go of the box that the materials came in, but after I started taking pictures of my boxes and or materials it became a lot easier.  

 This is an editable item, so you can continue to take pictures and add to this document as you wish. I have taken pictures of all of my math and literacy centers. I inserted the pictures into each cell and labeled accordingly for my Dual Language classroom. Centers labeled in yellow are all in Spanish while centers labeled in blue are in English.

1. Print each page 3 times and laminate. You will need one page for your centers wheel and the other two for your shoe box tubs. I originally only had one picture on the front side, but when it comes time to clean up, my students didn’t always put my centers back with the label on the front. This has been so helpful when it comes time to search for your centers. I have also taken all of my centers out of their boxes and put them inside my tubs.

2. Cut out the color wheel and the white wheel. Use a brad to connect the two wheels. Tape on the 4 centers you would like to work on for the week. The wheel will easily rotate and you don't need any HUGE pocket chart to move your students from each center.  Just rotate the wheel! 

3. I have 4 colored tables in my room. Each color on the wheel represents the table the students sit at. On Monday, I review the 4 math centers we will be doing along with the learning targets. Tuesday-Friday, I teach whole group math for 30 minutes, then we break into small group centers. The students will do their assigned activity. The wheel rotates daily!  The students LOVE this wheel because they always know what is coming up the next day.  Routines help keep us all on track.  This wheel is also great for when you have a sub.  All the sub has to do is rotate the wheel and there is nobody to say, "you put the centers on the wrong spot!"  (THIS HAPPENED EVERY TIME I had my centers in a pocket chart. 

You will need to have Microsoft Word 2010 in order to open this.

Click on the picture below to download your freebie!  Please be sure to leave comments on my TPT page after downloading.  I really appreciate it!!  Thank you in advance!

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