Thursday, January 22, 2015


Hello there friends!  I know I haven't posted in awhile.  I hope you are all having a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!  A few bilingual friends of mine are getting together to do some TGIF posts for our future Friday's.  Who wouldn't want to have a FREE FRIDAY BILINGUAL PRODUCT??? 

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I have 12 of these little books completed and loaded to TPT! I hope you enjoy!  Each new week adds a new letter and sight word!  The REVIEW weeks review ALL previous sight words, but focus mainly on the 5 letters on the front cover!  We read them all week during our small groups.  At the end of the week, I print these and send them home for homework.  The parents seem to really like using these with the kids.  These books also prepare the students for the upcoming theme test! 

Each book includes:  
Page 1:  Front cover with 3 larger pictures for the letter of the week
Page 2:  A gameboard with the new sight word of the week and all sight words from the previous weeks.  They also include all letters taught up until this point.
Page 3:  Fluency page of letters taught, sight words taught, and syllables of the week
Page 4:  Fluency page of letters taught, sight words taught, and syllables of the week
Page 5: A page practicing phonemic awareness - identifying initial sounds
Page 6: A page to practice segmenting words into either syllables or sounds
Page 7: A page identifying picture vocabulary corresponding to beginning syllable. 
Page 8:  Fluency practice to include new sight words and letters/syllables taught.

Have a great day!

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