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Questions about our products:

Q:  What does a site license include?
A:  If you purchase a site license for 1 teacher, that teacher will receive ONE CD with all Products in the catalog.  That teacher may print as many copies as they need to for their classroom only.  If you purchase a Building Site License, your school will receive TWO CD’s with all Products in the catalog.  All teachers  in the school may reproduce copies for their school only.  If a different building in the SAME district would like a copy, they would need to purchase a site license for their school.

Q:  I have purchased the site license for my classroom, how many sets of materials do you recommend I print?A:  I have 2 paras (teacher aides) for 45 minutes/day and myself for small group, so I have 3 sets of all the phonics centers printed  (one for each group).  I also have 2 extra sets of each theme printed, so I have them on hand for parents who would like to check them out to assist their children at home.  Many of my parents do not know how to help their children, and this is one way they can help.  I explain how to play the game and they play it for a week or two and bring it back for the next theme when we’re ready to move on.  I reinforce the idea that they are to return these and they are on “checkout” from my classroom and expected to be returned.   I’ve also had parents who say they don’t know how to read and I send home a set with them, so their children can teach their parents.  It is hard for a parent to admit they don’t know how to read, but when they do tell me they need help and have been learning from their children, this is a way the parents can reinforce the learning at school and learn from them at the same time!

Q:  How do you use the homework books?
A:  I usually pull pages from each of the books and send them according to the letter of the week or what I want the children to work on for that week.  My teaching partner and I send homework packets home on Friday’s in folders to be brought back the following Friday.  There is usually 5-6 pages (1/day).  We used to send them daily, but it was too much work to keep track of.
Q:  Is this program a complete reading curriculum?
A:  It's not a complete reading program, but more a phonics and phonemic awareness program to learn to read.  This program teaches vocabulary development, but lacks the comprehension aspect of reading.

Q:  Is the program designed to teach more than one child?
A:  When I use the program in my classroom, I use my document camera and play the phonic's center "games" as the children call them with the entire class, then break up into groups of 8 students.  There are usually more than 10-20 words in each "set."  We practice in small groups segmenting and blending the words orally before the students get to practice individually.  I pass out the words/envelopes to each child to make their own word.  When all students have formed their word, I have all children focus on 1 child.  They say the word in syllables underlining each, and then pull down the letters into individual sounds, then again to form the entire word.  Once one child has finished, we go around the circle so each child has had an opportunity.  All children in my group are to say the syllables, sounds and words together with the child who has their turn.  This keeps all kids focused and reinforces the segmenting and blending of each word.  Once all kids have had their turn, they put their letters back in their envelopes and choose another word.  The kids love this!  I have 24 students in groups of 8, 8, 8.  All students have opportunities to segment and blend at their "developmentally appropriate level."  I have students at all levels ranging from my new student who knows only 18 letters to my more advanced child who can read anything I put in front of him.  This child was the only one who entered my room with any sort of letter knowledge.  99% did not.  These kids have learned so much, and I do have to say, I know it's because of this program.  I believe in this program and it works.

Q:  Can parent's purchase the products individually and use the products to supplement their child's formal education?A:  Yes, parents can purchase the program and use it at home with their children.  If they are purchasing for their home, I would recommend purchasing the bundle and not the CD because they wouldn't need as many copies as a classroom would.  You may purchase any item on an individual basis.  The costs are on the order form if you want to purchase particular items and not others.  Depending on what the person wants, some things are cheaper purchasing in bundles. 

Q:  Can this program be used with English speaking children learning Spanish?
A:  Yes!

Q:  Have you had any home schooling families use your program?A:  Yes!  I have had quite a few parents purchase my program for their children!  Some parents are teaching their own children, others are purchasing my products who run a "mini-homeschool" for private families.  Parents can easily use this program!  If a parent wants to purchase, and they have questions, please contact me.  You can purchase in parts or entire products.  Homeschooling families please email me for separate rates. 

Questions about Purchasing Your Products

Q:  If we are a school district, can we mail our order or do we need a PO?
A:  You may mail an order or PO to:
Lectura Para Niños
Leah Meiser
3005A S. 79th Avenue
Yakima, WA  98903
The signature on the bottom of the order form is an agreement of payment so it isn’t necessary to acquire a PO first.  I will ship out the order as soon as it comes in.  Some school districts require a PO before orders and send it along with the order form.  Either way is fine.

Q:  We don’t have Lectura Para Niños as a vendor with our school district.  Can you fill out a Sole Source Form and mail it back? Can you fill out an I-9 Form for the district as well?
A:  Yes, it is easy to fill these forms out and get them notarized if need be.  If you mail the forms, I can get them back to you as soon as possible.
Q:  How much is shipping?
A:  If you are ordering a Site License on CD, shipping is $5.00.  If you are purchasing the  ”pre-printed”  Phonics Centers & Homework books, the shipping is $15.00.

Q:  How much is the sales tax?
A:  If you live in Washington State, we are required to charge 8.2% sales tax.  If you live out of Washington State, there is no charge for sales tax.

Q:  What if I can’t open the PDF Documents?
A:  Go to and download the latest PDF reader, it is FREE.

Questions About Leah?

Q: How can I contact you ?
A: Via online form or direct to my phone or email.

Q:  Do you teach in a Dual Language School?
A:  No, our school is an early transition school with hopes of transitioning to a Late Exit model school.  There are two Spanish only Kinder classes, 1st, and 2nd, and  2 English only Kinder class, 1st, and 2nd.  By 2nd grade, our children are beginning to transition to English with a goal of all English by 3rd grade.  Our school used to be DUAL, but things changed several years ago.

Q:  Can we come and visit your classroom?
A:  Yes!  Please call and discuss this first as I have to have permission from my principal before this occurs.

Q:  Can I post a link to your site on my site for those looking for Spanish Materials?
A:  Yes, please do.

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